Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update on Blog

Well, here I am just waiting to go off to work again.   Reading all the blogs trying to stay informed so I do not miss anything "especially a chance to win a gypsy".  I have been playing with my cricut and some in the trial DS.  But last night I realized someone had borrowed my USB cord -so I could not connect my laptop to the cricut to cut the files I had designed.  If it does not find its way home today I will have to run out and buy another one.  Stay tuned to see what happens.  I have heard the disks that are included in the infomercial contain lots of projects from the infomercial and another disk of a project each month--I have been trying to locate them---if you know how to get them please comment or email me.  I have also been doing a little experimenting with video and hopefully will be able to get my tutorials posting soon.  I am also working on scanning my card/layout/project into photobucket to get the gallery going.  It all takes time.  Well off to work I will check in later.  I see Christina is a follower welcome Christina you are the first (I hope the first of many)  Thank you for your wonderful email.

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