Monday, March 21, 2011

Centerpiece Instructions

I have had many requests for my instructions on some centerpieces I had made so I am going to try to post some here.  I hope they are understandable.  This is from the centerpiece I made for Hubbys 50th Birthday party but can be converted to any occasion.

First decide on your container.  I chose SILVER planters and used Florist FOAM inside aroung a balloon weight which was black and silver fringy it gave fullness to the bottom and covered the FOAM well.  I played with it forming it with my hands so they were not just straight up.
THe Cricut CARTRIDGE USED MOSTLY WAS CELEBRATIONS (there are so many now use what you like). Words like "Its a Party" was available on cartridges and required no welding.  just cut in black white or silver and cut the LAYER in one of the other colors and adhesive or glue together.  Do this for all your designs.  Use your imagination.  I also used a white or silver metalic pen to add accents (here and there if you want).
I mounted them to SKEWERS (for shish kabobs) that I spray painted black or you can use silver as well. Hot glue works well for this.  When I arrange I turn my centerpiece to put some in on both side which hides the glue on the other pieces.  I put ribbon that I curled from most of the sticks (bottom of your Die cut)tie it on.  (Adds fullness)
You can also add Flowers silk in the color you choose like black or white (I added flowers to my daughters centerpieces for her graduation party using BLUE WHITE and SILVER. I limited flowers and did not use them on my Husbands centerpieces but you can if you like. 
Also you can add sparkly pipe cleaners or various things you see you like.
I then bought inflated balloons and tied to my center balloon weight when it was time for the party.  PLEASE MAKE IN ADVANCE as you will need the time --but keep them out of sight for a great surprise.
I hope this is helpful.  I am glad you enjoyed my blog please sign on to follow me.
Thanks again.  Have a good time making your centerieces I did.
ALso try making candy bar wrappers (buy the box of candy bars at costco or sams) and you have one for every one that comes.  Put his picture on it.  I did and everyone loved it.
Do a slide show to play of photos over his life.   I did a bucket of suckers with a CRICUT cut saying IT SUCKS TO BE 50. Just a couple extra suggestions. Here is a picture of my daughters grad centerpiece with the silk flowers added:
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