Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home Construction Update

Good morning everyone.  Just thought I would share an update to our ongoing home construction.  We finally decided to tackle some home improvement issues after many years of debating to move.  We decided to stay put at least until retirement and tackle things in the house.  I am starting with the (small) living room.  (space is our issue that is why we had been debating a move).  We will work our way through laundry room, kitchen and CRAFT ROOM.  Yes it will be last but the best things are worth waiting for.
So here are a couple pictures of the living room 16x12 (14 maybe)  We finally had the ceiling work done and textured, Crown and base molding, painted all the walls (after taking down paneling, re- dry walling and sanding etc) 1 accent wall (may still need to go darker there) still need to replace trim and inside doors. But at last the PERGO floor went in.

From here the Laundry room to build custom shelves for pantry and storing crock pots etc.  I will then have a place to empty my kitchen (no basement)  I will be removing my Island--hubby said I may want to keep it for my Craft room as it is huge and will hold lots of stuff not to mention a nice work top (but I am not sure if that is what I want yet --so take it to the garage for now.  I was all set for tile in the kitchen but a suggestion was made to carry the PERGO on into the kitchen it would open up the room giving and illuision of more room.??? HMMM what do you think PERGO or Tile for the kitchen?

This is ongoing as we are not financing but paycheck by paychecking it ourselves with work being done  with help of a friend from church.  So it will take some time but I will post updated pictures as we go.

Let me add we finally also have insulation in the attic again.  Finally it is warm. just in time for Michigan Winter.

The yellow in the hall they replaced with the same paint as they put in the living room.  (note: I had just painted the hall that color in August and although at first was not loving it ---I do miss the yellow in the hall so do the kids-not sure about the guys decision to get rid of it.)  Well time go tear up some things in the laundry room.  I'll keep you posted.

Also I will be posting a tutorial this week on Storage.  Look for it soon.


  1. We have Pergo (a commercial grade) in our dining room, living room, kitchen and 2 hallways. It's held up very well and I still love it as much as the day we put it in over 7 years ago.

  2. I would prefer tiles for the kitchen. Due to cooking and dishwashing activities, the kitchen floor is usually wet. Thus, if you go for Pergo, it might get damaged in the long run, as the water will seep into it. In contrast, tiles are more resistant to water and water damage.


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