Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cd or DVD Box Project for Storage Solutions

First find you a DVD box (that is what I used and almost everyone was out of them) Found at Joanns for $2.98.

Purple not my color and because some of the box shows I painted/Primed the box (this will also help your box if paper--so that it should not pucker or peel from the glue.

The cut s needed are: 10-1/2 x 5-1/2 (for the Top)

5-3/4x8 for the Bottom
5-1/4x8 for the sides
5-1/4x5-3/4 for the back & front

Your measurements for your box may very check it before cutting.

I started adhering my bottom first.  I used the cheetah or my 714 tape runner to adhere the paper to the box entirely.

Now to adhere my sides.

I chose my paper from the DCWV Stack books. Le Creme.  The paper has flocking on it (a little more difficult to work with the glue.  Also you will notice I like more of a match set .  Although you can select # different colors for top, sides, and front/back and it look awesome.  I like the black creme look.  

Now the back side goes on.  So far so good.

Here is a view of my progress with the lids also done.  I am doing two for my upcoming new Craft/Scrapbook Room.

Note when I cut my front piece I measured and made a template from the TAB on the front of my box.  Some boxes do not have them and you can buy them and put on afterwards.  Some are removable others like mine you measure and try it before adhering to the box.

Now brush on the mod podge for a complete seal. I did a couple sides at a time to allow drying for turning.

All Done--Don't they look nice.  I will use cream inserts in my metal tabs on front for labeling them.

Next week we will do the envelopes for our disks from the WIld Card Cartridge.  Thank you to Custom Crops for this great Idea.

Idea from a custom crops video on you tube--check it out.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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