Sunday, November 28, 2010

Room Makeover Update

Here is the closet he redid.  We bought Cabinets from IKEA.  If I should ever want to I can add doors or drawers but for now just wanted shelves.  Still more organizing to do.  Scrapbooking and Sewing items need to have their own areas assigned.

This is an L shaped desk my hubby picked up for me to use for now...$25 thank you Craigslist.  My new chair came from IKEA.  Still putting things in their place.  Going to mount a lift on the desk for the tv.  My daughter left the tv for me to use in my room it has a dvd player so I can watch my craft cricut videos at my leisure.

Here is the first two cabinets and counter top.  I will be adding another cabinet in the center with drawers.  The shelves will have doors on them and I will be adding and end open shelf.  Then we will add wall cabinets above the counter replacing the shelf.

Still a work in progress but I am loving it.  I will be adding some vinyl words and images to my wall when the dust settles and I decide on what I want.  I think the two tone color walls came out very well.

Sorry about the mess but wanted to post our progress.  Please feel free to post a comment or suggestion.


  1. I just saw your link on the cricut FB page and have started following you. I love your craft room! If we ever get the room in the basement finished, I may make it into my craft space instead of a guest room. Lol.

  2. Jos thanks for the comment and welcome. I will keep my fingers crossed for you a craft room.


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