Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Board Book for Baby Shower

This is the first book I have done.  Still have some finishing touches to put on it but it fits my theme of Rubber ducky very well for the baby shower I am giving my sister in law.
Love my Cricut!


  1. This so neat!!! How creative!!

    Can you please share how you bound the book?


  2. Thank you txbluiz.
    Homestly this is a BOARD Book-(I can give you the company name later-I am at work now) I bought it at Archivers $1.99 spot. SO I did not have to bind it just cover and layer-create it. I can not take credit for the shape --But I have since created a similiar one with my Cricut New Arrival Cartridge and I will bind it with My Story Machine or use my Bind it All. Thanks for your comments. If you leave email or contact info I will contact posters directly. I did visit your blog but seen no contact area.


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